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Small Intestine-SI Meridian YangFire 1-3 pm Sign planet signs in astrology Virgo-Earth

A circle is without commencement and without end and since ancient multiplication has represented the infinite universe It represents the unmanifested germ from which completely manifest world arises The central dot is the individual spark of get down arising from the unmanifest The number one point of unhorse from where the unmanifest becomes manifest God is a planet signs in astrology circle whose center is everyplace and perimeter is nowhere - Hermes Trismegistus

Daily Aura Guidance For The Zodiac Planet Signs In Astrology By Renooji

On a romantic pull, Cancer are very sensitive and emotional. They wish try to camouflage this vulnerability with reserve and shyness. Although they are not really talkative, Cancer people cannot bear loneliness. They sense the constant planet signs in astrology want to interact with the world In tell to feel safety.

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